anyone else taking pregabalin?? Went to see my consultant beginning of year and he said what are you taking that for? I looked at him strange and shrugged… Well yeah the way I feel today, why I am taking pregabalin, cos it aint doing anything.

If this is another relapse, know pregabalin wont stop relapse but can honestly say I dont know why I am taking it…does anyone else wonder why they’re taking what they’ve been given?

Hi, yes i’m taking it, but not sure why. I don’t has MS dx but have variours neurolgical symptoms. I can’t really say it does anything for me except helps with restless legs and arms a bit. Thinking of coming off it to be honest x

I’m on it and wonder if its working cos I can still feel burning etc. Then I think how bad would I feel without it if I feel this bad with it?

Hi Bunny, I’ve considered the last few months to come off it… but dont think you can just stop it like that, not sure. x


If you don’t think Pregabalin is making a difference then it may be helpful to see how things are without it.

I find it doesn’t get rid of the pain completely but it does make it more bearable.

Please don’t come straight off it, you do need to reduce the dose gradually


Hi, I`ve began taking pregabalin in September, for nerve pain in heels. They felt like they were being squeezed and burning. It has eased it and quite surprisingly, has also taken that awful tum pain away, which I had following the spc op.


Did not work for me. Is the dose right? Does it take the edge off? Those thinds you need to find out about. I am now on duluxetine as most of my pain is in the thighs and it works very well