D L A / E S A to P I P

Hello folks, what experience have you had moving from one to the other ? did you lose out ? or did it pan out much the same, regards

Stanley, lt’s well worth joining - they help you through every step of the way with any claim. And will tell you what you should be getting.

Just watched Wales beat lreland at Rugby. Brilliant match.

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the nearest i can see is, which i’ve just had a look at, great tip, thanks.


calcutta cup was great too.

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i didn’t have any problems changing to ESA and am on the same kind of money. hope your’s is as easy! still got DLA to go.

wendy x

Hi, I`ve just gone onto state pension so have dropped ESA. My DLA wil change to PIP sometime this year I think. Not looking forward to the dreaded form filling/waiting time.

Did you ever apply for Direct Payments and if so how did it go?


Wales beating Ireland…poor from an Irishman’s point of view…