Cymbalta (duloxetine) for neuropathic pain

Hello all, This has been suggested by my neuro as gabapentin & pregablin don’t seem overly effective for me, unless taken in very large doses which I can’t tolerate well. Has anyone had success with it? Given I am very anxious these days, it would be a bonus if it could provide some relief from that. Thanks Anne

Hi, I only took duloxetine for anxiety and depression and it worked well for that condition. I can’t speak for neuropathic pain but if it kills two birds with one stone then that’s always a winner.

Hi Anne, I was on duloxetine after failure with pregablin and yes it was very effective for my neuropathic pain, but I couldn’t stay on it as the side effects were too much for me. I put on lots of weight felt like I was doped up all the time, nausea, dizziness, headache. Yes it worked for what it was suppost to, but I just couldn’t tolerate it, hope it’s good for you Anne, we have to grab what help we can get to cope. Jools X

Hi Jools, I have heard that your experiences with the side effects are quite common. This worries me given I seem to get side effects from everything. Having said that, I can but try, I suppose! Currently I am without any meds & really enjoying feeling less unwell as a result. Thanks Anne x

Hi Anne,this will be a bit “Me me me” as I tell you about my experiences of Duloxetine.I was given it two years ago in conjunction with Butrans morphine patches for neuropathic pain in my feet.I was taking Gabapentin as well and eventually stopped taking the Dulo’ as it didn’t seem to be doing much.

Things have changed and I now take 30mg Dulo’ again,wear two and a half patches and take tiny amounts of Gaba’ at 3 x 100mg a day.Any more than that and the neuropathetic pain increases.I don’t know why this is and the medical profession are very good at avoiding me, and my GP doesn’t try to make contact with the ‘Ivory Tower’ as he gets ignored as well.I have been consigned to playing pick’n’mix with various drugs to try and reduce the pain,but no worry it’s only for the rest of my life.

I’m fortunate in that I don’t really do naughty side effects but I do take OMEPRAZOLE every morning and that protects my offal.I hope there is something of use in these rantings and that you enjoyed the summer,

Be lucky,

Wb x


I’ve tried it as the usual stuff didn’t work. I had no side effects but it didn’t work either!!

Hope it works for you!

Sarah x