Duloxetine does it work?

Hi sorry still new to the site and posted on end of another thread instead of starting a new one.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying the holiday season.

I saw my neuro just before xmas and he wants me to come off gabapentine and start duloxetine for pain relief. Has anyone else taken this drug and did it work for pain relief?

I have been taking gabapentin for a year now but a recent re-lapse has made the pain worse so I am taking maximum doseage of gabapentin which is no longer working.

I would appreciate any feed back please.

A happy and healthy new year to everyone. Best wishes, Juanle. x


i was taking duloxetine for pain relief a few months back. i had neuropathic pain and at the time i found that it did take the edge off the pain. However, I just didnt like how it made me feel, cant explain exactly but just didnt feel right on it.

so, i am now taking tegretrol (carbanamazine) i think i spelt that wrong lol!

this i find has worked much better and i no longer need to take as much co-codomol to buffer the pain relief etc.

hope this helps anyhow,

hope your well n happy

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Anna x


I can highly recommend it for neuropathic pain relief from my experience. I was started on Cymbalta (duloxetine) a few months ago and have been able to stop my gabapentin all together. I still take my carbamazepine for the Trigeminal Neuralgia but I am finding the duloxetine is doing a better job of controlling the other neuropathic pain than the gabapentin was.

It isn’t as effective an anti-depressant for me as the Citralopram was so I’m not quite sure what I am going to do regarding that side of things… I have to speak to my neuro about the pros and cons of this. But for pain relief: fantastic



Unfortunately it hasn’t done anything for me. I’m currently taking 50mg amitryptyline and 60mg duloxetine. I went to the Pain Clinic and they wanted me to stay on it for 6 months to see what happened. I go back in 3 weeks so we’ll see what they say to do next!

I’ve also tried pregabalin and gabapentin with no relief as well. I’m PPMS so maybe I’ve just fot to put up with it all!

I’m sitting here at the moment with that horrible tight banding feeling round the back of both knees. It’s agony!

But you can’t let it stop what you want to do so we’re about to go out to the local garden centre to choose some new tropical fish!

Hope you have better results from the duloxetine!

Sarah x


Iwas on duloxetine and it really helped with my pain however I do agree with sunspirits, I didnt like how it made me feel, just didnt like it in my body, and with it I put on a lot of weight, quickly and ive still got it to shift, so I came off it, an experience which wasnt easy I felt nauses, headache.

Different meds work differently with different people, and whats great for someone is no use for someoneelse.

Sorry my typing not great just now

Take care

Jools x

Hi Jools,

That is really interesting. My migraines have gone ballistic again of late… since starting Cymbalta. I wonder if it is related to the drug? And I have been nauseous too. But I never put the two together until reading your post. I’ll mention it to my neuro when I see her next month. Thanks for that.


Hi B,

I spoke to my MS nurse re the side effects for both starting on and also coming off duloxetine and headaches, nausea, dizziness and just feeling odd and out of sorts plus weight gain are all apparently possible and i had them all!

It was a very effective neuropathic pain relief, “did what it said on the tin” but the side effects were too much for me, I couldn’t handle them.

If you’ve just started then I’d run with it, give it a chance, I did, then make up your mind, the pros and cons.

Take care



Thanks Jools

B xx

Hi, Thanks everyone for your comments, I will just have to try it and see how it affects me. I have gained weight on gabapentin so I don’t really need any more going on.

I have trigeminal neuralgia and couldn’t tolerate tegretol for the side effects so I hope duloxetine suits me. I don’t need it as an anti-depressant at the moment I seem to be avoiding depression aspects but it is early days yet.

I only got my full diagnosis in Sept 2012 so I am still learning about ms etc.

Take care



After 5 years on Duloxetine 40mg [edited by Moderator] I cannot say enough about its effectiveness. I really can’t speak to the claims of pain relief, but as far as depression and anxiety, it’s the best I can recommend. The insurance has tried several times to get my Dr to prescribe Celexa, or Effexor, but neither work like Duloxetine. Initially, I was a little spacy, and jittery, but those went away with time. I’d hate to have to pay for it as is. But, overall, I’d rather not take anything than to have to switch.