Cyclo therapy

Hi my parents both have ms and are looking into getting a cyclo therapy chair in particular for my mum as she suffers from swollen ankles and bad spasms in her legs day and night. The sales lady tells us this helps with blood circulation and should ease symptoms. Does anyone have any experience of cyclo therapy and does it work? It is very expensive so trying to do some research before making any decisions. Thanks

Sorry I have never heard of it. Good luck with your research.

Jackie x

i have a circulation booster which cost just over £100 but i was able to claim tax back.

make sure that you ask the company your mum is buying from if they can provide the paperwork for claiming tax back.

a lot of things that people buy to ease their medical problems are eligible for claiming tax back,

carole x

Hi, I have looked at these machines myself a few times. They are really expensive…3k ish…is that what you are talking about?

I understand you can rent them , as well as buy them. I believe there are 2 companies who supply in the UK. It could be a good idea to rent first, eh?