How may people with MS on the forum, have had glandular fever? When I was 9 years of age I had it. Wiped me out for 8 months at that time. Just curious, in seeing how many of us had it. BE

Oh yes, big time! I had it aged 30 (way too old for it), my son was just 14 months old and it was a real struggle as I needed more sleep than he did. I had gone into work (part-time) for 2 weeks feeling rubbish and was driving with the windows open to keep awake. Signed off for 2 weeks of total rest and then took months to recover fully.


Nope, not me.

Nope. Only thing I ever had was chicken pots and thats it.

pox argh lol

Yes I had Glandular Fever about 5 years prior to MS symptoms/diagnosis.

Yip! I had glandular fever sometime around 10 years of age (…can’t remember exactly how old I was …only know it was quite a long time ago).

I also had chicken-pox, measles & mumps as a young’un - was hoping for a prize for having a full set !!


Yep I did really bad bout was I was 13, took me nearly a year to recover properly and also had viral meningitis while I was recovering. It was a bad year health wise

Yes I had it when i was 17. Wiped me out for a couple of months in the run up to my A levels

I had glandular fever age 19, and was off sick for about 6 weeks.? link to developing MS

Seems quite a few so far have had it. Anyone else?

Hi, Yes I had glandular fever when I was 15 and was never the same. I remember being frightened, nasty thing GL :frowning: Sam x

I had it when I was 18. It wiped me out for months. I was allowed time out of A level exams because of fatigue. I only used that facility in one exam when I went to another room for a 15 min sleep. (Now invigilating must be pretty tedious but to watch some one sleeping …).

yep me too, at 9, 10 & 22 Yes 3 times and I can also add Scarlettina to Liamsquash list. Sue

No, never had glandular fever…

Hello there,I hope the end of Global Warming suits you and you’re not frying eggs on the patio anymore.I had GF when I was 16 and had six weeks off school just before my O levels,but it didn’t work as an excuse. Also had Mumps and Chickenpox when I was even more adorable.I mention these because back in the mists of time I remember that there was a post about these three Nasties which were thought to be common in people who later joined our club.

Wb <(L)>

No, not me.

Hi Yep I had it when I was 15 too, not long before my GCSE’s! I remember being wiped out and ended up having my tonsils out soon after! Liana

Nope not have glandular fever. Had chicken pox twice though! Once as a child and then again a year before having first episode of ms

Yep, in 2006 aged 28. Possibly initially aged 15 too when I was diagnosed with CFS following a virus. First serious MS symptoms in 2010.