Glandular fever???

How many of you had glandular fever/ ebv? I had glandular fever when i was 18 and i am 45 now. I had loads of bloods done last year by an immunologist and on the letter it said there was evidence of the ebv more than 8 weeks prior. Does this just mean it’s still showing up in my bloods from when i was 18 or does it mean i have had it again since? Why is everything so confusing?

I had gladular fever when I was in secondary school, I am going to be 40 this year. I read something somewhere saying if you have had glandular fever you are around three times more likely to get MS. Then I also heard that all MS patients have had glandular fever at somepoint. But I am not sure the second statement is correct as I think there are MS patients on this forum that have not had glandular fever before. Unless they might of had it without noticing it? Also not everyone who has had glandular fever gets MS.

In answering your second question I am unsure of the answer. I had a blood test for the ebv last year nothing showed up.

Is ebv exactly the same virus as glandualr fever?

The ebv causes glandular fever. There is a project called the Charcot Project. It is looking into ebv as the cause of MS. As there is a strong link between ebv and MS.