Glandular Fever, fighting infections and the immune system

Hello, I’m currently in limbo land however my neurologist seems fairly confident that I will one day have an MS diagnosis. I’m currently unwell with a viral infection which my GP believes to be glandular fever. I’ve felt unwell with the symptoms since the middle of November 2016. I took the odd days off work as the fatigue meant I was unable to get out of bed. I’m now feeling really unwell and I’ve been off work for a week. Does MS affect the recovery period for illness such as virus, colds and the flu? Are people with MS more likely to catch infections? I seem to suffer regularly with infections which always knock me and seem to take a long time to recover. Anyone else’s experience would be greatly appreciated.

hi yas

i always explain it as a compromised immune system due to ms.

however glandular fever is a particularly nasty virus and takes ages to recover from.

the epstein barr virus which causes glandular fever is also linked to ms.

the ms trust has information on this.

i’d hope that your neuro is aware of this link.

hope you get over the glandular fever and escape ms.

carole x

Thanks Carol for your reply.

I saw my Neuro in November but I didn’t know that I had this virus at the time. I don’t feel like I’m getting any better which is really frustrating me. Does anyone have any suggestions for managing fatigue or giving your body the post possible chance of fighting infection?

hi yas always get your urine tested for infection because it really hammers us with ms. get lots of rest, eat well, drink lots of water with the odd gin or pint of guinness so you don’t get bored. try to do something that the old you used to love at least once a week. put loud music on and rock out!