Cryotherapy benefits?

Hi, has anyone tried cryotherapy? I’m thinking of trying it after reading about it’s possible benefits but haven’t heard any real reviews. Thank you :blush:

Well, you could start with cold showers, and see how you like that. I’m not being funny: it’s what I’ve been doing for a bit over a year now. They aren’t exactly enjoyable, but very refreshing, and there seems to be a bit of evidence that a bit of cold exposure is good for the immune system and other things, and cold water is easily available, convenient and free! Also, short of air-conditioning, 3 mins in a cold shower is the best way I know of cooling down for an MSer who struggles in hot weather - the effect can last for an hour or two.

If you’re up for it, I suggest have your usual warm shower to get clean and then be brave and turn the temp right down to cold. Even if you can only manage a few seconds to begin with, you’ll find that you can cope for longer with practice.


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Great! I’ve been waiting to blame someone for this - definitely you then @alison100 :grin:
I have never missed having a cold shower since you suggested it, which by my reckoning was last June when I must’ve read it somewhere on here. Let my hubby try it first and when I witnessed his improved mood after I wasn’t going to miss out!
I made sure he stayed in the vicinity in case I deaded meself and gave it a try. I must admit I didn’t know I knew quite so many swear words, and from that point of view it hasn’t got a lot better, but I have seriously never missed a 2 minute full cold every time I shower, I have a lot more energy and optimism after. The science of it all according to Wim Hof anyway has firmly convinced me.
Thank you Alison for alerting me to this one.
Elaine x

Elaine, you’ve made my day. Why didn’t I think to say, ‘After you, my dear Alphonse’ to my own OH ?:grinning:

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:rofl: We both do it now and wouldn’t have it any other way, which when you realise that I am a total wimp can’t bare a draught and take a heated wheat bag to bed with me most nights shows you how much out of my comfort zone this takes me! That is the idea though isn’t it? To shock the body into repair, it’s what I tell myself anyway. :innocent:

Bit of useless information: Katharine Hepburn (famous American actress for those not old enough) took a cold bath every morning on her fathers instruction who was a doctor, and she lived to the age of 96 in the rudest of health! :rofl: Good enough for me then!

Elaine :grin:

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Thank you, I’ll definitely try the cold shower. Much simpler and cheaper than cryotherapy. Need to brave the cold now!