Problem is nobody listens, I am so pathetic.

We do.


We’re here for you

Janet x

me too.

luv Pollx

You are not pathetic and there is alot of people here more than willing to provide (in my case very large) shoulders.Write it all down and relies will come flooding back…im sure I just answered another thread from you…the use of the word pathetic rings a bell.

Feeling lonely and vunerable is not good for you…let it all out in writing and its the first step to feeling better and more able to cope.We might not be able to solve your problems but we can sure help you feel stronger.



Can you write down what you need help with or just write down how you feel and maybe we can help you. I think we have all felt this at some stage. I know I have felt like this many times and I think its only natural but it will pass. Please let us know so we can help you. xx

Hi Jan…

Keep your chin up…try to look on the bright side…I know it’s very hard most of the time. We are all here for you if you need someone to ‘talk’ to.

Best wishes to you.