critical illness insurance when parent has ms

Hi I am 36, do not have ms or any mum was diagnosed with ms 15 years ago. Im just reviewing my finance and realised I do not have critical illness cover.I have spoke with my provider and they will not cover me for ms after disclosing about my view is I ain’t paying through the nose for cover if I’m not fully covered for all illnesses. Does anybody know of any companies who wil insure you for ms when parents are sufferers? Many thanks

Shop around. I am sure you will have no problem finding cover when you cast the net wider.

Individual providers always have their particular quirks and exclusions and many of them are silly and just lose them good business, which is exactly what has just happened in your case!



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Alison is right - shop around. I have MS and my son has Critical Illness Insurance also covering MS as the relevant medical question was whether TWO close relatives had been diagnosed.

Hi anonymous.who’s your son with? Thanks

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My sister got a quote recently for critical illness and she was also told MS would not be included in the cover because of me having MS.

As others have said - just shop around! My sister went to another company and even though she told them i had MS they still covered her for it.

Her premium is not much different with the new company and it covers a wider range of illnesses as well.


What will critical illness cover actually provide help for?

My SO has a new work healthcare insurance policy which apparently includes ‘any existing problems’, though excludes ‘on-going problems’, so we’re not sure what MS-related things she can/should claim for ?

If someone directly asks for help maybe you should not be so quick to remove post , I assume you have helped the lady get cover because that should be the main thing.

My mum has ms and I got critical illness cover which also covered me for ms if u wanna know the company feel free to message me and I will tell u

A very interesting thread. As a 35yr old, with a father who developed MS at a similar age, I would appreciate any signposting via a private message. Many thanks.

Hiya - I’m like DickieD in that I would love any sign posting that people could give me as I recently went to an insurance broker and told me that it would be almost impossible to get me covered as my Dad developed MS in his 30s, and if they could find somewhere that would cover me the premiums would be extremely high :frowning:

Any help would be gratefully received!

Has anyone gone for Income protection instead?

Cheers :slight_smile:

what would happen if someone got C I C didn’t disclose a parent had m.s. because that parent had told his child he had m.s.

Also, there was an interesting thread on this site some time ago from a guy who had got C I C and he had m.s. but his neuro had withheld that information from him. In good faith he had told the Insurance people he didn’t have medical condition.

Hi LeoLion

Thankfully I do have Critical Illness with a company called Unum. I think they are an American outfit.
It’s a policy which came via my employers, and I have had it for 10 years in total.
My Dad was an MS sufferer until he passed away 4 years ago.

I was paying ±£45 pm (which is quite a lot), but to be honest, I didn’t know I even had it, until I had to get some copies of my payslip for my sons flat.
Everything is online, so I hadn’t seen a payslip for years.

I put in a claim for MS, as it was on their critical illness list, 3 years after my diagnoses.
Very please to say they gave me a full payout.
My policy has continued with exclusions, but I am over the moon with the benefits, and the way I was treated :slight_smile:

Good Luck

Hi, sorry to repickup this thread but I too are finding problems obtaining CIC cover as my father suffers with MS. Could someone let me know providers that can offer cover.

Hi, also picking up this post. My father also has MS and I’ve recently been looking for CIC that will cover me for MS. He’s the only person to ever be diagnosed with it in my family. Please could someone message me with any suggestions of companies I could try? Thanks in advance:)

Hi Guys,
Just got an email alert on this subject :slight_smile:

Check my post from earlier. UNUM were fantastic. .
I already had the cover luckily via work, so was OK.
I don’t know what the initial question are for a CIC Policy, or whether you are obliged to tell them what your parents suffer from ?

Obviously, if you have pre-existing illnesses, then you will have to say, but you don’t have MS, and are doing it as a safeguard as with any insurance policy.
Its well worth doing if you can.


Morning Anonymous Apologies, just picked up on this. You stated ‘I have made a good recovery’ ? Which is quite remarkable in itself ! If so, you probably won’t get a payout anyway. The policy wording is like most insurance policies. If your MS condition existed before you joined your new company, then you won’t get anything under the new policy. In my case, it was the Neuro that determined my condition was persistent. I only see him once a year, and he does nothing anyway, but they do get in touch with them, as well as your local GP.