Critical Illness Insurance wont cover me for MS


I have just applied for a critical illness policy with a major insurance firm. They approved my application but added some “special terms” which removes any cover related to MS. I put down in my application that my Mother has MS. Just wondering if anybody else has experienced similar, and will I not be able to get cover from any insurer purely because my Mother suffers from it? I am a 38 year old male.

Mant thanks, Neil

Can they do this - someone will have the answer. lnsurance companies playing GOD -as usual. Anything to try to wriggle out. The MS Society will know what you can do - and which company to go to. Do they also say they wont cover you if you get run over by a bus.

Nothing surprises me with lnsurance companies.

Yes, they can apply exclusions.

You might find other insurers won’t apply the same exclusions but the again, some CI policies won’t have MS as a listed critical illness.

It all comes down to the particular company’s underwriting policy.

Sonia x

Yes of course they can do this, underwriters can do anything they want because it’s all about what the risk is. It’s their policy wording so they can put anything in or take anything out.

All you can do is enquire with as many companies as you can till you find one that will cover you - they are out there.

Best of luck.