Critical Illness Cover / Income Protection when parent has MS


I’m currently buying my first house and am finding that critical illness/income protection insurers are insisting on an exclusion for MS because my mum was diagnosed at 31. I’m 28 and and in good health with no issues or symptoms, nor have I had them in the past.

Does anybody know of a company that will cover me without this exclusion? I know the premium will be higher if there’s anybody who offers such cover.

Many thanks

I think you need to go through a specialist insurance broker for anything remotely off-piste like this. They know the market - people like you and me don’t.

Good luck.


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Hi, unfortunately, because it is a very close relative ie, parent or sibling it is highly unlikely you will be able to get critical illness cover for MS. It will cover most of the other nasties, but MS will be excluded. You will be able to get cover for other illnesses however. Tracey x

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