Crippling fatigue

Have suffered on and off with fatigue for what seems like forever. Recently started Amantadine again after a break. Over the weekend started suffering crippling disabling fatigue… unlike anything ever before. Just simple things (like typing this) are exhausting. Sitting up… lifting my hands to eat… any ideas for fixes? Can’t go to work like this and I’ve only got a few sick days left before they start only paying half wages :frowning:

Hiya Modafinil is another med that people have used, to varying degrees of success, in trying to combat fatigue. Take care, Marty

Hiya - I too am currently suffering really badly with fatigue. My neuro has told me that there is nothing else they can give me as they have tried all the meds but to no avail. All I can advise is to rest but of course if you haven’t tried any of the meds for fatigue, give them a go. I hope you are able to get more energy but do look after yourself, Claire :smiley:

hi i to use modanifil 2 a day i really think it helps x

Modafinil (2 x 100g a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon) has honestly transformed my life. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for everyone. If I am relapsing, the fatigue can be too bad for the modafinil to make much of a difference. So if your sudden very very bad fatigue is actually a relapse, modafinil may not be enough. It would be worth a try though, since the amantadine doesn’t seem to be helping. Some GPs won’t prescribe it without an MS nurse or neuro telling them to so be prepared! Karen x