Help overcoming fatigue

I need help to overcome my fatigue. i have had 2 relapses in the last 6 months. currently i am sleeping 12-14 hours on a night followed by a nap during the day.

i used to work as a teacher and i’m planning on resuming work in september. but dont know if i will be fit enough to. so i am thinking of getting a part time role in the interim period to get me used to working life again.

any advice on overcoming fatigue? i dont have the energy levels

Hi, I was going to suggest resting more…but you do get lots of sle already… But is it good quality sleep? It can be more tiring if sleep is fitful or disturbed.

I was tried amantidine for fatigue, but it caused constipation!

The best way I cope with fatigue is to pace myself and have rest days in between more active days.

You may. find work too much, but give it a try and good luck.


hi omar

speak to your gp as their are a few meds available.

amantadine as poll mentioned and modafinil. there are one or two others but my brain is full of black holes!

good luck

carole x

Hi, meditation has helped my fatigue. It’s likehaving a super power nap and after 20 mins meditation I often feel refreshed and have some energy again. Mindfulness meditation is available on the NHS through your GP or neurologist.

Modafinil is excellent for excessive sleepiness (which sounds like what you have). It worked for me but made me a bit too full of ideas and opinions. Even I found myself a bit much and I stopped taking it. Then I realised that the clonazepam I was taking for twitching legs was actually a sleeping pill and I swapped it to the evenings and I stopped sleeping in the day. The Modafinil was fun and I’d say worth having a try with. It’s actually a drug for people with narcolepsy, that is people with uncontrollable urge to sleep.

Hi Omar what meds are you on?

I think personally i know it sounds daft the more we sleep the more we need.

I am exhausted at times during the day but i pace myself.

I worked out my fatigue this way.

If i do something which takes me an hour it will take me about 5 times that to get over it lol.

So i get up early in the morning when i know my energy level is good, and do my chores. Then I can almost feel my energy drain away, so i rest usually from abut 11am to 1pm. Then i have had a top up of energy. I then do the rest of my chores, and rest again until about 4pm. HOWEVER, most days from 3pm until 6pm i am tired but i NEVER allow myself to fall asleep. I do things on the computer.

If your a teacher perhaps you can occupy yourself on lesson plans etc for September or do some research which will keep you awake. By the way I am a teacher in Further Education and boy do i miss it, even though i am officially retired now if i was ok I would go back to it in a heart beat.

I then go to bed at 6pm and rest and by 8pm I am asleep. I always wake up in the night, and i am allowed one 2mg diazepam to help me sleep again because of spasms and pain in my legs.

I am then awake at 5am…and rest until 7am when i get up.

Jeez how boring is my life lol…

BUT I do get out in the morning sometimes but it is really all about PACING.

Sounds to me as though you need some help if your sleeping that much and still not refreshed. It could be meds though or it could be you need some meds…xxxx

I’d rather take drugs than do so much ‘pacing’. It’s an individual decision - but it would be difficult to teach and have so many rests in the day.