Creepy crawly feelings... Tips

Hi, Does anyone experience that sensation that something is crawling around under your skin? It’s not quite an itch but you want to rub at it, and it’s constant? Does anyone know anything that makes it better (or anything that seems to worsen it?). It’s on my foot, don’t know if like wearing a sock would help for example, or letting my feet get cold… Or hot… Or… Well, I don’t know! Does anything work? It woke me up in the night and is driving me nuts!

Hi CC1

Yep, I get that feeling …in bed mostly, keep scratching ( hoping not bed bugs mind ! )

I have the ingling in the tips of my fingers, like they have been shut in a drawer - jumps from one hand to the other

I can relate, I take gabapentin which helps but it does not totally go away it’s just less intense.