Creepy crawlies

Coming out of the shower lately, as you do, I’ve been having the sense that something is crawling up or down my back. This is most strange. I have the “usual” tinglings and wetness in my legs but the back is a new one. Either there’s a coordinated gang of spiders daring to descend on their silken threads to deliberately discombobulate my senses or my back is empathising with my legs.

Last night on the news, we were reminded that it was as hot as 1976 when the country was saturated in ladybirds.

Is it a sign?


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Hi Steve,

One of the symptoms that LDN relieves for me is crawly creepy and sometimes very sore patches. The sore patches were like shingles but of course unlike shingles there was nothing to see! The only thing I ever found to help it, until I took LDN, was Lanacane cream…it temporarily numbs the nerve endings causing the problem.

Hope that’s of help?

Take care of yourself,

Nina x

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Greetings Steve.

The spiders have become my friends. Their electrical static is a tickle of activity to distract from the other aches & pains.

It could be the news is causing the issues. Trying to steal the limelight with it’s insanity.

I’m glad that heat has dissipated a few days. It’s caused chaos with circulation.

It feels like my blood has become like a quick drying cement.


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I was on holiday 1976 with the Girls Brigade, we were camping in Pwllheli, North Wales. I will never forget the beach completely red & writhing with ladybirds, it was the most bizarre sight I think I have ever seen to this day. Being a tad of a handful (me that is, not the ladybirds) I thought it would be an excellent idea to take ‘some’ of them back to our communal teepee tent. Having gathered at least 100, I let them go in said tent, the resulting mass exodus (to be expected of 10 year old girls) was to say the least epic, I, as a result was put on a bus home & banned from the camp forthwith. Aaaah, to be that age again x

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