Covid vaccine - reaction?

I had my first Covid vaccination a couple of weeks ago. About four hours later I was completely wiped out. I can stand and weight bear to transfer, but there was no way, no strength, no energy, my poor long suffering husband had to lift me out of chairs, off the loo etc, but otherwise I felt fine. I started to pick up the following day, but I’ve no idea if it was the vaccine or the MS, I’ve never experienced anything quite so extreme or sudden before though.

Unfortunately, this is a side effect of the vaccine.

“For both vaccines, the overwhelming majority of reports relate to injection-site reactions (sore arm for example) and generalised symptoms such as ‘flu-like’ illness, headache, chills, fatigue (tiredness), nausea (feeling sick), fever, dizziness, weakness, aching muscles, and rapid heartbeat. Generally, these happen shortly after the vaccination and are not associated with more serious or lasting illness.”

Coronavirus vaccine - weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting - GOV.UK (

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I had the Pfizer vaccine with no reaction whatsoever. In the early days of having the flu vaccine I would have a sore arm for a couple of days afterwards but for about five years now no reaction at all. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not!

Jan x

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Thought I had been given a placebo after the Pfizer vaccine. Now awaiting the second shot.


I had what I thought was an attack one Saturday lunch time, that was 2002. Completely exhausted. I remember that I was so wiped out that opening and closing my eyelids was painful. Lasted for about an hour. Never again have I experienced that level of exhaustion.

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I had the 1st Vaccine & that night in bed I felt weird, I was frozen, my jaw was clacking, I was really really thirsty & I needed to pee, I made it to the loo then 3 hours later I needed to go again, I couldn’t move my legs at all, I kept trying to sit up but I couldn’t cos of my legs. I had to wake my husband up to help me, it was awful & scarey. I pee’d on the floor on the way to the loo, he got me back into bed & I drunk another pint of water. I then slept for a few hours & when I woke up again I was ok. Weird Reaction, scared for my 2nd Vac

The second Oxford jab is supposed to be milder, if that’s any comfort.

“Adverse reactions reported after the second dose were milder and reported less frequently than after the first dose. Adverse reactions were generally milder and reported less frequently in older adults (65 years and older) than in younger people.”

Coronavirus vaccine - weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting - GOV.UK (

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Thank you for your sharing your wisdom ‘whammel’! ‘Flowerpot’ and others, I had a reaction too after the first jab, extremely tired and ‘legless’ etc, I even thought that it had sparked off an MS attack, because of similarities… However, I felt ‘normal’ again after let’s say 24 hours?! No other problems other than ‘the usual stuff’ since… Take care.

Had my 2nd AZ yesterday. No reaction at all, not even a sore arm.
1st one floored me so was apprehensive.

Just wanted to reassure people.

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That sounds very like my reaction to first COVID jab (Astrazenica). I’m told it does that to most people. The 2nd was nothing like as bad, milder exhaustion for a couple of hours. They advised me to take paracetamol before I got the 2nd so I did but paracetamol has that effect on me so it may not have been the vaccine. Good luck