Edaly - 2nd Astra Zeneca Covid jab

Good morning all, especially Edaly. Hope you’re all well.
I had my second Astra Zenica Covid vaccination at 4pm yesterday. After the first one wiped me out (no energy, no strength) this one was absolutely fine. No adverse symptoms or reactions, nothing.
I also think that although some days are better (or worse) than others I’m pretty much back to where I was before the first one.

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Glad to hear that. I’ve got my 2nd on Wednesday. First one wiped me out too so a friend has offered to come and stay the night.
May just ask her to be next to her phone.

Glad to here it.

Got my second jab in an hour. Astra one made my arm feel like it’d been punched, hard, for a few days along with feeling more tired than usual. Hopefully I don’t feel as tired after this one.

EDIT: Had my second on Saturday, Astra again. Felt like someone had punched me in the arm all day Sunday. Still a little sore this morning but bearable. At this rate I suspect it’ll be back to normal tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest. Don’t feel any more tired than usual so thats nice :smiley:

I had my second AZ jab on Thursday morning…was rather wiped out on Friday, and a bit wobbly on my feet - and my arm is still sore even now. I’m just telling myself that ‘it’s better than getting Covid’…

I agree. If the jab makes us feel a bit rotten, full blown Covid would be much, much worse.

Had Covid at the beginning of the year. Besides a mucus cough, no coughing fits, and a little more tired than usual I was fine. So like the general public having MS doesn’t mean it’ll be any worse. The risk is that it may trigger a relapse is some people with MS not how bad Covid may or may not be.

Good for you! It’s odd, I was knocked sideways by the first one, and the second one was just as bad. My mother though, didn’t feel a thing. Apparently, whether or not one is incapacitated for a few days has no bearing on whether one is protected from the virus.

Had my 2nd AZ yesterday. No reaction at all, not even a sore arm.
1st one floored me so was apprehensive.

Just wanted to reassure people.

I had my 2nd Az jab a couple of days ago. No side effects at all with either jab.

I’ve got my second AZ jab on Saturday I was fine for a week after the first then totally wiped out with a flare up of the numbness on the left side of my body.neurologist was convinced it was reaction to jab & not relapse but I was still recovering from a major episode at the end of January & I think the flare up put me back a couple of weeks so hoping it’s nowhere near as bad the 2nd time around!

Got the 2nd jab of Pfizer on Sunday and again no problem apart from a sore arm for several hours overnight at jab point, the same for my wife, no ploblems apart from the arm soreness