could you cope with being refered to as somatizing!!

hi everyone ,

being undiagnosed is difficult enough,but to hear your only hope with your neuro think his diagnoses to be ,maybe you are somatizing ,what would you think,what would be your thoughts,prevous back consultant,beleived i have fibromyalgia,yet i have not been discharged,and my psychologist,says maybe in five years who can say with a diagnoses,i feel so screwed up with it all.

my gp i am sure has helped with my neuro,i really believe he doesn’t believe in ms,he is abrubt and short with me,but last chat i really stood up to him,and he was offering me evevything,scans mris eveything,itold him i felt like complaining aqbout previous neuro,as he said he would make sure i would never be able togo back,because i had asked if i could have a lumber punture,my second neuro had offered me,he said it would make me very ill,and said i had no brain rot ,i am feeling ,nothing but despair,and i am really going to dig deep now and have my say,in as a diplomatic way as possiable.

my present neuro whom i had ,so much faith in,has crytasied me for writing my symptoms,i wrote a diary of five years,but i am now 56 years,and have been suffering for 39 years years since i was sevevnteen .i feel ,he has chosen to try and find things to justyfy a weak diagnoses,i went for a lumbar punture through him,and at the time my back was painful and weak,beacuse i said it hurt for 2/3 weeks,he said i was over empasizing my getting over it,this was my first neuros’ doing,have put this on my notes,when i saw a consulatant gp/rheumy,he saw me for 16 mins and came out,my first neuro didn’t know what to do with me,then wanted to know my history personal life,then came out with ,when we do’nt know what is wrong with a patient we term it as somataform,he was short,didn’t listen,said did i really expect to get rid of my facial pain,i have suffered it since sevevteen,it got worse nearly 10 years ago after i suffered glandular fever,and all my problems gradualy got worse.

sorry to have rattled on but i atlowest depsair and feel i need to battle on and stand up for myself and fight back for i truly believe in myself,what evr comes of it all,at least i will have said what i want to,and give them food for thought,and answer their findings,with my own thoughts,after all it is my body ,i am the one living living with it ,day in,day out.,i just cannot beleive what i am reading and hearing at times with them.

sorry buddies,i know by the time you have reached these last few words you are as exauseted as i am writting it.thankyou for your thoughts,on copies of letters and mri reports., it really means alot to me,i see my gp monday,two weeks after i really let rip,about my neuro letter,i have gone up a dose of gabapentin,i think i need a bit extra with what i am going to ask.

love bozxxx


What other tests have you had and with what outcomes?

Hi Boz x So sorry you are going through all this!! I’m afraid I have no idea what advice to give you other than hang on in there and keep at them x you are right when you say it’s your body and your life and of course you don’t want to be dealing with pain

Hope your appointment goes better tomorrow xxxjenxxx

thankyou jen, means alot to me ,yes i am hoping my gp will help me tomorow with copies,and i will come back and let you know.,

love bozxxx

Hope you manage to get somewhere tomorrow. Why do some of these health professionals think they know our bodies better than we do!!!

Good luck


hi mrbobowen,

if you read back a few posts you will read my mri scans on my brain and cervical,sevral focci,and degeneration,i have had lumbar region,trying to get a copy of this report and letters tomorow with my gp,i have had lumbar puture,but didn’t show o bands,and i have had nerve studdies,but it didin’t pick up,my parathesia,which got worse nearly ten years ago,my feet and face,and finger tips.

hello mrbobowen,

i have had mri brain and cervical,the results i have put on here a few posts back,which Karen kindly helped desifer information.i have had lumbar puture and nreve studies ,but sadly no o bands showed,or nerve studies,even though my neuro kindly said,they are not fulproof.i did have a brain mri in 2005.which showed a few lesions,and another brain mri in 2010 which showed several lesions.i have recently had a chest exray,then ct scan which showed thickness and scarring,they thought bronchiectasis,which means i am more prone to infections,and may need more antibiotics.i seee my gp tomorow.i am feeling very lost and confused at the moment,but will not give in.

love boz xxx

hello nikki,

Aaw! thankyou so lovely to read your post,and agree with your evry word,i hope i can get copies tomorow,so i send them on to my neuro,i am hoping he will look at things differently with a bigger picture and leave me as things are things for you,i hope your journey is not as difficult as mine,although many of us are traveling this path.thankyou again.

love boz xxx

Hi Boz, I know you’ve posted here for a few years now. I don’t think your MRI results can be put down to somatization.

I hope it goes well today with your GP.

Jacqui x

hello jacqui,

bless you for your kind words,and giving me a sigh of hope,i so want to shout my case,i have been on this long bumpy road many years and feel exausetd with it all.i feel my gp today gave me a good twenty minites and listened to me,with a different approach,i have given him my letter of requests,and told him what i hope for,he feels i should stay with dosage of gabapentin 3x400mg for now,he put me up a coupleof weeks ago after really telling him just how i feel,he is listening i hope ,and prey as i just want to give them my feelings,not just lie down and accept what they are saying.

when i have my copies i will sit and write back to my neuro,and my gp has asked me to write and see him in a couple of weeks,i nearly broke down but held the tears back and said my bit,like if i am left with the label,i would come off eveything and feel i could no longer go to the docs,i would look after myself,with homapathic and hebal rememdys and he could see i really mean it,said i feel my head is like spageti with thier labels,i feel i have been thrown against a wall and told to get on with it ,.

but i won’t and i thank and bless evevyone here ,it is only here i feel normal with all my symptoms,and have emphathy with all the beautiful buddies here.thankyou i hope you are ok take care x

love boz xxx

Hello Boz x I’m so glad your GP listened to you - keep at it and keep your chin up! You’ll get there xxxxjenxxxx