my god!! the word somatization was put in my private referal!!

hello evevryone .

monday 30th ,i was shocked to learn from my gp,that he tells me he did mention the word somatization to my private neuro in my referal letter,now two years on i have just lean’t this,after asking for copies of mri and scan and exray reports,as i would like to have my say to neuro,after his thinking this,but as my gp admits,he was looking for soma,what chance did i ever have ,of hoping for a glimmer of hope gee grrrrrr!!! i am very positive in gathering as much as i can,all the info i know my neuro hasn’t recieved,i saw him in the next county,and he told me his letter that he hadn’t got copies of certain reports.stunned ,but getting up again and fighting on,i think my gp actually felt sorry,and has let go up a dose of gabapentin,and asked me to write my symptoms for the next two weeks,i am so confused with this as my neuro cryrised me for taking my notes in,what are we supposed to do,when we can’t remember.thnakyou for your thoughts.x

love boz xxx

Boz, have I read your post correctly ? Your GP said it was somatization in his letter to your neuro. I also noticed the other day you said your neuro said you didn’t have brain rot.

I can understand why you took your own notes to your appointment. Half of the time pages are missing and then they don’t read them. I can understand your frustration.

Jacqui x

Hi Boz x that’s so frustrating! I think your GP was out of order for putting his own ‘ideas’ in his letter to the neuro. I have seen the letters sent by my GP and there are only facts about my symptoms and signs - no ‘guestimates’.

Hope things work out for you xxxjenxxxx

Boz, forgive me if I have sent this link before, but it really is a good site to look at for anyone who has heard somatization or functional disorder mentioned and is fighting the urge to fell the person who said it with a flying kick to the throat. I think that ‘functional disorders’ is pretty much just another term for somatization (as it says in there, somewhere).

It includes some very clear stuff about it NOT meaning that they think you are making this stuff up!

I’m sorry, I can’t remember whether you have been diagnosed with MS or not, and whether this somatization talk is all in the past or still going on. Either way, the site might be of interest, I hope.



hi jaqui,

thankyou for your thoughts,yes it was my gp saying my first neuro saying soma,yet it was my rhema whom first brought this one up after a 16 min consulataion which uncluded being interigated about my even worse really tht my gp brought it up to my second private neuro,i am so upset with it all.i have as you say been hanging on to the great support here,just great to have buddies that can understand and have empathy.

ps,yes it was also my first neuro that said i had no brain rot,what a way to talk,he laso said becuase it didn’t look enough they wouldn’t do lumbar punture,as it would make me very ill,i did have a second opion with another neuro whom had asked for both mri and lumbar punture,but first neuro refused,i asked i fi could come back and have one,he said he would make sure i could never come back,it was a year or so later,when i saw my rhemy,he told me that my first neuro didin’t know what to do with me,he then came out with soma,and i have been stigmatised since.i am so furious.i really want to have my say with my private neuro,what ever comes of it,i have been very wrongly treated.thankyou for sharing your thoughts.

love bozxxx

hi jenny,

thankyou for sharing your thoughts,i am so so let down with my gp,he really has let me down,he had no good reason to put the soma in my referal letter,he knew how i felt about things when i first asked for help to see myprivate neuro,whom before he wrote to him,i am sure he beleived i have ms,when he agreed to take me on and transfer me to nhs to pay for all the tests,but i did feel when i saw him ,he had changed a little towards,me now after two years i can apprecite why,as my gp openly said to me ,hwas looking for it,after being said,and as i sadi the seed was planted.thankyou for understanding .

love bozxxx

hi alsison,

thankyou for sending me the info on soma,it is full of very good info,but for me cuts deep,thankyou but maybe not reading for me at the moment,i have a journey of neeed to have explanations for how i am ,and a better understanding of where i go from here.i am sure for others it may be of great comfort.thankyou for sharing.

love bozxxx

Have they actually done any tests and if so what were the results?

hello dexstersmum,

sorry post didin’t come through i keep pressing enter,forgetting to post at the botttom of the message,i have posted alot just recently with results of tests,yes i have had mris evoked potentials,lumbar punture ext,mri brain showed several focci,cervical degenration,and as did lumbar mri trying to get copies of many reports and gp are things for you,hope it is a whole better than my bumpy path.

love boz xxx

I’d contact PALS and let them support you through this. Thankfully I’ve had really good care and it looks like I don’t have MS. Will find out soon.