Feel so low don't no what to think or do

Hi all

well some of you may have read my story so far lots of symptoms brain MRI showed 12 lesions although small ones and today I saw my neuro for my LP results and they have come back clear … First of obviously that’s great news but on the other hand neuro was very dismissive of my symptoms and didn’t seem to have any time at all for he is sending me for another MRI so he can compact with the last one which was 6 mths ago bit I get the feeling he thinks I’m making this all up and it’s really got to me today

I’m so tired of suffering and being in pain as well as getting gradually worse which I def am I feel so scared and lost right now

pls don’t think for 1 min I want ms I just want someone to offer me some reason as to why I’m suffering

sorry for moaning

If you’ve lost trust in your neuro, you could ask your GP to refer you to a different one for a second opinion. The downside is you’ll probably have to start the whole process again, including repeating all the tests you’ve already had.

I switched neuros and am so much happier with my current one - it was worth starting over with him, I have much more confidence in him.

Also, talk to your GP about your symptoms: they can prescribe things like painkillers while you wait to find out what’s wrong. And don’t worry about moaning, you are entitled to vent your feelings on here. It’s one of the reasons forums like this exist.

hi cody

there’s nothing worse than being made to feel as though you are making it up.

as mitzi says, you can ask for a second opinion.

your gp can prescribe neuropathic pain killers such as pregabelin and gabapentin.

maybe amitryptiline.

keep strong

carole x

Hi Cody, you must definately see your GP for something to help your pain, everything is so much worse if you’re hurting.

There’s no reason that you can’t get a second opinion, you have to have faith in your neuro & know he believes what you say.

Rosina x

Hi Cody

sorry to hear your feeling so down and your appointment didn’t go well. You should definetly speak to your G.P about the pain your in and how your feeling.

When I first started to get my symptoms I didn’t have a clue what it could be. My gp sent me to A&E due to massive body tremors I was having. I got MRI of brain and spine and a LP and both showed signs of MS. Still I wasnt diagnosed as it was my first known attack. One neurologist believed I’ve had attacks in the past due to amount of lesions that showed up but I hadnt had problems with my arms, hands like the scans were suggesting. He did say sometimes you can get lesions in areas but not even aware and don’t have symptoms. The MS specialist at the time said to wait and get a repeat scan in 3 months which I did. I think this is standard practice for them to be sure as it’s a big diagnosis for them to give and they wanted to rule out it’s not an infection or one off attack. I was diagnosed after my second scan as it showed more lesions and they had time separating the attacks.

I do agree with what the other have said you can request so see someone else if you found the neurologist dismissive in what you were telling him.

Keep strong and take care

polly x

hi cody

we’re here for moaning, so no apoloy necessary. take care and have a hug x

Hi Cody,

I second what already been said. Consider getting a second opinion and don’t be sorry for moaning here! Hope you feel at least a bit better after talking about your feelings.

More of a rant than anything else just been back to my Gp for my sicknote he had always been very unhelpful but he just read letter from neuro and said its good news you haven’t got ms ! I did say the neuro had told me it’s slightly less likely but that he hadn’t ruled it out my gps response was a smurk and just said oh well :frowning:

I mentioned to him about my left foot that I keep tripping up as if my foot isn’t lifting off the ground enough when I’m walking don’t no if it’s connected but my toes on this foot haven’t been able to bend since about march although he has never asked to see them not did the neuro

he just shrugged his shoulders and I guess my point is I’m already feeling low and disbelieved and my faith in all doctors is getting less with every visits

do u think it would complicate things to change gp half way through this horrible investigation period ?

Sorry for sounding so glum but I really feel like I’m just going to be carted to one side with no answers and feel lost


If you change GP, you’ll probably have to start again but on the other hand, how much is your GP actually doing for you at the moment? I get the impression that he doesn’t appear to be taking you seriously, so maybe starting over with a new GP isn’t such a big deal if the new GP will listen to your concerns and take you seriously.

In your shoes, I’d be trying to find a new GP. Whether you have MS or something else, you need to have confidence that he’s on your side and that he’ll do what he can to help and support you. As far as the hospital are concerned, I have to confirm at each appointment that my address, home phone number and GP are still the same as the details on my file so you would just tell them at your next appointment that you’ve changed GP.

Good luck.

Thanks yes I’ve decided to change and been recommended a good surgery by a friend of mine luckily there taking new patients I’m going to collect registration forms tmrw

I can’t handle the way the Gp treats me any more no one should feel worse when they leave the Gps room and made to feel the way he makes me feel

thanks for replying


May you find a genuinely compassionate GP and Neuro who can help you, Cody. You are entitled to proper care and good treatment. Your foot issue sounds like Drop Foot - you might find some useful information here: Best of luck :heart:

Thank you and fingers crossed xx

Cody, I feel like ranting too when GP doesn’t listen to me. GPs should be compassionate and knowledgle but in my experience they’re not really…I have ongoing problem with my foot and toes too, know how bad it can be. Hope the change will work out for you.

Hopefully :slight_smile: it really can’t get any worse xx

hope things start to turn round for you too