Could this have been an early symptom of something

Now this may seem silly, but here goes lol.

There was a time that I could run, not a marathan, but say for a bus, gradually this slowly detariated, I thought may be I was just becoming unfit, but with hindsight may be not, at first I’d try to run, then a fast walk then eventually I would give up and not even try to run and just let the bus go and either go home or wait for the next one., now I don’t think I would know how too lol.

Another thing I used to cycle to and from work including going home at lunchtime, so 4 miles a day.

Again remember saying to GP that I find cycling so much easier than walking, and that if i had to walk it was easier if i had to push my bike, than if i just had to walk.

This was in the very early stages of odd periods of walking problems and extreme tiredness, and another way i would describe this was that i felt as if someone had pulled out the plug on my energy sourse/supply which to be honest i think were mainly dismissed.

any thoughts

If any of you have read my previous posts, you’ll see I have seen a great neuro and have managed to get MRI brought forward to wednesday.

Struggling today cause have over done things a bit at the weekend, to much walking and too little rest although a really good time with friends at a conference, so need to rest up for the next couple of days, cause of traveling to london on train for mri.

A lot of MSers find riding a bike easier than walking. Not sure why! Something to do with how many things need to be coordinated to walk properly maybe?

Fatigue can be just like someone pulling the plug and, even when I was superfit, I couldn’t run if my fatigue was active.

Karen x

Thanks Karen

Could that mean may be an exercise bike would be a good form of exercise, when my walking is difficult and the legs are really achey and sore,need to keep the walking going for the dogs sake. I really hope I get some answers soon, really don’t care what the problem is just really need to know, like all you guys

Hi, before I thought i had a serious problem, I also felt as if someone had put my brakes on! I bought a tread mill…but my left foot still flopped and tripped me up. Then I bought a semi-recumbent excercise bike. Couldnt do full turns with weak legs and feet.

I bought a foot wobbler…a machine that you put your feet on and it quickly shook…like a vibrating machine (no, not one of those Ann Summers types!), but you know what I mean!

If your balance is good, then yeh, a regular excercise bike should be good for you.

Remember you dont have the stamina you used to have, so pace yourself, eh and that little doggy! When planning activities, spread `em out and allow yourself to rest in between.

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