could it be true

Hi all so im feeling a bit angry , I have a friend who pretty much has something wrong every month so she tells me, I think so far she has had ME , Lupus , a stroke , fibro, etc etc etc ( most of wich turned out to be untrue ) now this month she said she has been told she has MS and she was told in A&E because she had numb feelings , she has not had any MRI’s or seen a neuro and this is the first episode so could it be true and I should be more sympathetic ? Because it sounds a little strange to me or do you think its another lie for attention because I know when I was diagnosed they followed the criteria before diagnosing me ? I don’t know why its getting my back up so much I just think well if you want attention and that’s what its all about your welcome to my MS anyday . Sorry for the moan and please do tell me if I’m being really harsh x


It’s hard at best to dx ms, let alone without mri,bloodwork,ep and lumbar puncture.

I would not like to say someone is lying just incase it is true, but sounds far fetched. But maybe they saw the worlds best MS Neuro? With me i was numb from the waist down, i said i had backache which sent them panicking about my spine. It was fine just a little dehydrated in one vertebrae.

It must be hard to believe someone who “crys wolf”, i would find it very hard to trust their self dx on their word alone.


Hi, if your friend does have MS, then how was she so easily diagnosed…not in A&E i think!

Sadly this woman must be a hypochondriac (spelling?) or a medical mystery. Shame some folk need attention so much that it takes them to hospital. Does she otherwise have a boring life?

Or is she an internet freak who reads about medical issues and fits them to herself? Either way she`s not helping you feel better, is she? So give her a wide berth, if you can.

Sadly there are some folk who are actually jealous of someone who gets medical attention.

I knew one like that. She was my ma in law and lived with us for a while. i had OTs, nurses, other medical professionals visiting me at home and she actually said You are getting all this attention. Why cant I?` I convinced hubby to move her out after 2 years!

luv Pollx

ps and no, you`re not being harsh!

Hi, I agree completely with Poll. If MS is that easily diagnosed why did they not diagnose me in A & E when my GP sent me there when I was numb down both sides with paralysis in right foot so I couldn’t walk and no bladder control? I spent six weeks in hospital having head an spine MRIs and lumbar puncture before I was diagnosed. I cannot understand some people who seem to wish they have some sort of serious illness because they think they are missing something. If your friend wants my ms she is welcome to it although I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Anne x.

I’ve just been watching the quiz ‘Perfection’… so…

Question: Can MS be diagnosed in A&E without an MRI or LP? True of False?

Answer: False.

I have achieved perfection!

Seriously, no of course not. I suppose it’s possible that someone in A&E said something about symptoms being like MS (although I think that very unlikely).

If the A&E doctor had thought that the symptoms might be neurological he/she would have referred your friend to neuro and the long process of being dx would have started.

Pat x

This ‘diagnosis’ sounds very frail, and I am sure that your friend just heard two things and made five. Best not to comment on it, as it will only annoy you. I feel sorry for the woman if she has to ‘invent’ her own health - we get it for free!

Best wishes,


I do think you need to tread carefully, just in case it IS what she’s been told. It’s not completely unknown for MS to be first hinted at on a trip to A&E. I’m quite sure she could not have received a confirmed diagnosis there, because of all the other required tests we’re all familiar with - which others have already mentioned. But it’s possible MS has been mentioned, in which case she should be referred to a neuro for proper assessment and diagnosis. No way can she have been diagnosed in A&E, and that’s it. But something might have come up that raised the possibility. Tina

Does this person have MS? Well, if I had to place a bet, I would study the form book first and would feel pretty confident about taking a punt. Wouldn’t you? Alison x

i knew a woman who was only 30 and she told me that she wished she had ms.

i snapped at her “dont be so Bl**dy stupid, you have no idea what it is!”

i now avoid her totally. after all she is known for being a drama queen

carole x

Thanks everyone , you have just said exactly what I thinking it all does seem rather odd and like has been said she has cryed wolf so many times you just don’t know what to believe . I can’t come out right and call her a liar incase there is some truth ( I doubt it ) but it is really winding me up as all she does 24/7 is bang on about it . For anybody else I would have been devestated for them but something about the whole DX with no tests is just not right . How could anybody seriously want MS what is wrong with people it makes my blood boil , she has know idea :frowning: x x

Hello there Anon,is your ‘friend’ called Mrs Munchausen? My mother is a little that way inclined, amongst a host of other issues.Your friend will never forgive you for the MS and the laughably small amount of attention which you may or may not be receiving.

I have always maintained that any ‘friends’ who ignore the MS,ignore you and eventually dump you are the person with the problems,and we are better off without their sort.This may be harsh,but it does go on and a ‘friend’ of 20 years has finished paying back money he owed me,and I’ll never hear from him again…GOOD. WE know this cack is not fatal,and so does he,but he carries around big mortality issues and cannot bear to think of himself in my position. Apologies,I digress.

Your friend sounds as if she may need some help and it’s possible that the NHS are aware of her if she is forever pestering the A+E,but nobody can do anything until she asks for help or does something worthy of Sectioning.If I’m wrong on this I’m sure it will be rectified.


Can’t add much to what everybody’s said, but maybe she just wants a firm diagnosis for the symptoms she has and is taking it a bit too far when someone says it could be A/B/C?

I remember how bewildered I felt when all my symptoms were put down to anxiety/depression (5 years)and then ME (3 years) (which a lot of people don’t understand is a chronic illness very similar to MS)).

I can imagine it wearing a bit thin after a time but all I can suggest is that you either put it down to her being a hypochondriac (which could be the case) or maybe pointing her in the right direction to getting it sorted out one way or the other?

Mags xx