Can this be real ???

What are the chances. Not many I don’t think.

I have been diagnosed with RRMS now for the last seven odd years, got to grips with it etc etc., and am just starting to get my life back how I want it to be. Had thereapy, on Tysabri, life is just ticking along quite ‘normal’.

Just as I think about getting on with stuff, my beautiful nineteen year old daughter is now in ‘limboland’ with the big black cloud of awaiting brain scan to confirm diagonosis of MS. Is this for real? My MS nurse has confirmed there is a genetic link of MS in families, but for goodness sake … shes only 19 !

Anybody out there with any other close family members suffering with this disease - I just can’t believe this is for real. I have had reason to believe before on quite a few occasions, lots of similar symptons, but you kind of put it down to perhaps my brain is playing tricks on me, dont be rediculous of course she cant have it - its just one of those things. Shes only just landed herself a good job. Jesus help me. Cant be real CAN IT?

I have to let it out. I have read this forum a thousand times. Never actually piped up and said anything to anyone. Just reading through the posts kept me informed. Kept me going. Felt like I was never alone. Now I just dont know anymore. Is this for real?

Oh I am so sorry, that really is a parent’s worst nightmare. My children are young (3 & 5) but I worry about the same. Fingers crossed it’s not MS - there are plenty of other fixable things that cause MS type symptoms, but she will at least have plenty of support and understanding if the worst happens. My nan had MS and I don’t think it can be a coincidence that I’ve now been dx’d, although I’m told constantly it is! At 19 though, chances are she’ll be one of the first generations getting brilliant MS treatment, if not a cure. Virtual hugs. X

hugs x


sorry you’ve had such shocking news.

but your daughter has someone who really understands how it is - you!

i’m sure that she will be a fighter, get on a dmd and maybe she’ll coast through

take care because she needs you now more than ever

carole x

This is the biggest fear for all of us with children. l worry whenever my daughter complains of any ‘symptom’. All we can do is make sure all our babies/toddlers/children take a high dose vitamin d3 - and of course vit B12. As both these vits are linked to MS. You only have to google vitamin d3 deficiency ms and vitamin b12 deficiency ms for evidence.


I am very sorry that you have this horrible worry on your shoulders. Life can be just so damned unfair.


Oh darlin! This is so sad and worrying for you. There is a small chance of MS happening to more than one person in the same family.

I am really hoping your daughter doesnt have MS, as are lots of us.

In my own case, I dont have MS, after being told i did for many years.

I am now diagnosed with something else, which carries a 50% chance of affecting my children and grandchildren.

When I was first told this, I felt sick, dirty and cruel! I apologised to all the family and of course, they said i was being daft and not to feel bad. But I still do, only I keep it to myself…and this forum of course.

Sending you hugs and understanding.

luv Pollyxxx