could i have ms

hi all

back 3 months ago i lost vision in my one eye, i had all tests and scans and the told me i had TIA. But now i have a burning tingly numby feeling all around the muscle in my arm and in my foot it seems to stay for a few days then stops then starts back up again. It is driving me mad and can be really painfully its now starting to affect my daily life and having to take days off work. Im also tired a lot more and getting bladder weakness.The doctor has ordered more blood tests but as most will know the doctors are slow,Does is sound as if i could have ms?

The thing with MS is that it is very hard to diagnose. I got diagnosed 2/3 weeks ago and I waited 2 years to find out. You see there are so many Neuro conditions that have similar symptoms to MS. Wait for the results of the tests and if you’re not getting anywhere, tell your doctor you would like to be referred to a Neurologist…which is what he should do anyway. But, like I said, it can be a long wait. Now, you may be ‘lucky’ ( use the term loosely ) and find out what’s going on pretty quick. Or you may be like many people on here and have a wait. Don’t give up though. At times it’s hard to get your point across, but persevere. Hopefully someone more informed than me will get in touch with you soon, but at least this will bump you up the forum a bit. Best of luck xx