Could a boil knock me for six?

Been in bed sleeping all day there was no way I could have got out of bed I felt awful. Yesterday I noticed a boil under my arm and When squeezed it was ful of puss. I had been feeling awful all day so maybe it had been making me feel low.

I am now wide awake having got another lot of gunk out of the boil. It’s smothered in another lot of cream so hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

Could it be the reaction to the boil that has been causing me to feel so awful?

When I have a urine infection I suffer similar problems. I was thinking does my body shut down to fight these infections?

Sorry it’s been a gross subject but that has been my bank holiday.

Hope yours has been better. Don XXX

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Poor Don, I hope that you feel better soon. Michelle and Frazer xxx

Not sure of your situation Don, the boil isn’t much to go on. It usually suggests a change in diet.

I’ve had a couple of boils. I swear it’s something to do with the attack on the nervous system & discharge.

The Gray’s Anatomy book comes out on days of problems. Old wives tales on how to deal with health issues, come in to play.

Spinach & sprouts & all things green. If it produces a smell, it’s going to cause internal chaos in the digestive system.

Spinach wraps & mask packs, are used to draw out gunk in the beauty industry. Me personally it says a detox & drinking water for a few days is on the agenda. Flushing out the entire body. The lymph glands are all over the body. Key junctions for sending nutrients around the body. Once a traffic jam is caused. Get out the road works.

All the best dude.


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Hope you feel better today Don (((hugs)))

Pam x

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when i had a tonsil abcess i was semi conscious for 3 days very,very ill and then after 6 weeks had a very severe relapse,i am always at my worst with any infection,dont mess about with a boil it can quickly turn into blood poisoning.

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Well it’s gone down and got a new covering of antiseptic cream and I have stayed awake ALL day

Now in bed and feeling sleepy. Nite nite

ZZZ’s Don

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Hello Don.

I think you’re right about the body giving all it’s attention to the infection. It’s a good example of our low batteries.

Returning from London in my car, the battery light went on around Stafford. I had to turn everything off to give me the power to get home. My passengers moaned when I suggested polite conversation as opposed to communal sing-a-long to ACDC or The Pogues.

Best wishes.

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I’m sure a boil is an infection of sorts but at least the body can get rid of it…unlike a UTI so I’m sure that’s why you went downhill.

Hope you’ll soon be back on track Don,

Take care of yourself,


Nina xx