Cori Brackett

Hi, Anyone read or watched anything by Cori Brackett? She was diagnosed with MS in 2002 and has been researching the possible connection between MS and what we eat, eg. Aspartame. Heather

Did she find anything? I suspect she could have saved herself a lot of time and trouble on the aspartame issue


Aspartame is in such a lot of foods - as well as in some sweeteners. l have a friend who is intolerant to it - and she has found that even anti-biotics sometimes have it in. She gets covered in a awful rash - like hives - but more dangerously - her tongue swells up and she can hardly swallow. Hull University were doing research into it a couple of years ago. As my friends GP - did ask her to ‘volunteer’ as a guinea-pig. But she lives such a long way from Hull - and did not feel like putting herself through it.

l know that there is also evidence to say its not a problem - But l know it is. So l shall tell my friend look up Cori Brackett’s blog.

Aspartame is in lots of childrens medicines as well.

lf you can avoid it - do - why add to our problems.

l know many poo-poo the idea of mercury fillings - well mercury in general as being toxic. But l know how l was before l had my fillings changed. And l was backed by my then GP - and the Dentist at the Dental Teaching Hospital. Thats why l do not have any jabs that have mercury as a preservative. Most flu jabs do.

We have to consider all avenues Heather. Why damage ourselves anymore - when its not necessary.

l am keenly watching online this week - www.theglutensummit - The LDN trust alerted me to this - as l have found l am better not eating grain. We are what we eat. ls very true. Apparently gluten stops the body absorbing vitamin d3.

Thanks for your post - will have a look for myself.