what do you all think


This came up on facebook today…

A cruel hoax, that has been doing the rounds for years.

Cruel because it gives people unnecessary guilt that they caused their own MS (MS is NOT a lifestyle illness), but also because it gives them false hope that they’ve been misdiagnosed, and can ‘cure’ it by making a few simple dietary changes. Fizzy pop doesn’t cause MS, and giving it up won’t halt/cure it, either.

I’m not suggesting a load of sweet fizzy drinks are good for you - or anyone - but they’re not implicated in life-changing illness. Anything can kill you (even water!) if you consume insane amounts of it, but you’re not going to die from enjoying a fizzy drink or two.



I totally agree with Tina. The aspartame myth has been doing the rounds for years and it is complete codswallop. This email you have received is just another way some unscrupulous people try to cash in on another person’s illness. On a totally anecdotal basis and therefore irrelevant scientifically, I have never drunk this stuff simply because I hate the taste of artificial sweetners and yet I still have MS. There you go, irrefutable proof!

But more seriously, when in doubt about any emails check them out on snopes.com
This is an excellent and very reputable site that keeps tabs on all the email and Face Book myths and scams doing the rounds.



LOL Val, great minds

We must have posted at the same time…

B xx

Oh probably. It gets dragged out for an airing fairly regularly… sigh

But at least it gives those who have seen it before a chance to reassure some of the newer ones to the weird and wonderful (and grubbier) side of the MS world


I’ve seen this before too on Facebook. Like Belinda, I’ve never drank fizzy drinks or diet drinks because I can’t stand the taste.

A real scare for me would be if someone claimed wine was the cause …

Tracey x

Nooooo!!! NOT the wine Tracey


I’ve already seen one report about chocolate and MS symptoms and put it firmly out of mind

T x

A friend of mine posted this on my facebook page, thankfully I’d already heard it was a load of codswallop and like many others I’m not a fizzy pop drinker either, much prefer a nice cold beer :slight_smile: Sue x

You’re cheering me up. Drink diet coke - crave the caffeine after work - and one of my Gwyneth Paltrow style (everything green, organic, natural etc) acquaintances had told me all about this. Think she thought I could cure my MS by giving up diet coke… If only. :frowning: I’ll pass the snopes website details on to her now! xx