Aspartame & MS

I’ve been sent an email stating that aspartame poisoning is responsible for a massive increase in ms & lupus diagnosis. What do you think??

I’m with Val on this one. It’s a hoary old hoax, and is a useful site for checking out this kind of thing. Alison x

Not sure but I have read it. Aspartame is deadly stuff however and probably well worth avoiding where you can.

Hi david603 I don’t know where you heard that aspartame is deadly, but whatever the situation with aspartame is, I don’t think you can say it’s deadly! I’d be interested to know where you read/heard that. I know there is a lot of scary stuff said about it, which doesn’t really make much sense. There is a lot said about aspartame - usually not good. But a lot of people, including myself, use it. Who knows if it causes or contributes to the cause of someone’s MS - The causes of MS is a question no one knows the answer to anyway! The same goes for exacerbating our MS. If anyone is worried about using aspartame, there are other alternatives available now. Even a lot of the ubiquitous diet fizzy drinks are available without aspartame now. If you use aspartame and are worried stop using it for a bit and see what happens. I wish aspartame does mess with my MS as I’d be happy to avoid it!

Yeah been around for years that one. Urban myth. Pat x

Aspartame is an excitotoxin and best avoided. In fact, it’s best to avoid all artifical sweeteners. I think it’s used because it’s cheap and therefore makes the manufacturer more profit. Heather

Well poisonous it can’t be as it is in loads of things. I find that I tend to be more prone to migraine if I eat something with artificial sweetners in, so I try to avoid them; however it may well be that it is something else in the mix that does it. I just tend to be a bit careful and read labels - eating things made from food rather than in a lab. Bearsense :lol: Clarexxx