Newly diagnosed what are the links to Coke zero?

I have just been diagnosed with ms. My symptoms alleviated after several months and now pretty much like normal. I have done some research changed my diet and taking supplements… However I did use to drink Coke Zero quite a bit and only now learnt about the ‘evil’ aspartame.

Can anyone help me as I have a horrible feeling that this has brought about my diagnosis.

Can the effects ever be reversed?

I am sorry that you have had an MS diagnosis. That is a real blow, even if you saw it coming. I am glad that things have settled down and you are feeling OK now.

Aspartame. The web is full of nonsense about Aspartame, and nonsense is what it is. Snopes is a good site for skewering pernicious nonsence of this kind, and I recommend you take a look at

You have a lot on your plate at the moment. The last thing you want is to waste a precious drop of energy feeling, quite wrongly, that you have brought this on yourself on some way; You haven’t. Shit happens in life, and it has happened to you and to all of us who have had an MS diagnosis. It is very human to cast around for something we have done to ‘deserve’ it - like ingesting lots of a substance tha a bunch of cranks on the internet have decided is wicked and evil and wrong. They are bonkers and you have enough problems - leave them alone.



the only thing wicked and evil about aspartame is that it tastes likes dirt. you want a coke that tastes like dirt have a coke zero or diet coke, the only damage you’re going to do is to your taste buds :wink:

boo x

Completely agree with the previous replies.

It’s actually in the NICE guidelines that consultants giving a patient an MS diagnosis are supposed to tell them they did NOTHING to cause it. Some follow this guideline, but either yours didn’t, or perhaps you were so reeling from the diagnosis, that you couldn’t take on board what else he said.

Health professionals wouldn’t be allowed to blatantly lie about this, just to make people feel better. The NICE guidelines are based on medical evidence, which is that MS isn’t a “lifestyle” disease - it’s not what you ate or drank, or how much exercise you took.


Hi Devonmaid,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but you have come to exactly the right place for support, advice and friendship. You will learn more about MS on here than anywere else… so it’s a great place to be.

The aspartame thing is a whole load of nonsense. Absolutely no science behind it at all. As Tina & Alison have said, YOU have done NOTHING to cause your MS.

Now you can forget about that and start to learn about the true facts about MS. Take your time… it’s complicated stuff… but you will also realise that having MS is NOT the end of the world.

Take care,

Pat x