Coping methods for ON

I’m currently going through a rough patch with my eyes which seems to be slightly better when I wear my sunglasses.

Obviously, wearing sunglasses at night isn’t ideal so was just wondering for any fellow ON sufferers, is there any other methods that you use that can help alleviate the symptom a bit?

oh i hate ON. I had to stop going into supermarkets because of the light. I know if i am going to have an attack as I get so light sensitive. I dont use the light much in my place i have low lights lol in my kitchen the flourescent never goes on. gosh i had problems when my husband was alive as he was opposite.

sadly the course of action for me was bed early and light off watching t.v. I am sure you can get special tinted glasses for the evening.

i did try just tinted like this. they did help for a bit. I also have dry eye so use hyco san for that as given by my optician.

I go through patches of this and helps me to use a cold eye-mask. I have a gel one I keep in the fridge. Putting it on for 5 minutes helps. Also wearing a cap when out in the day time and if using a screen keeping it level with my eye line so I’m not having to look up or down at it if you see what I mean. I can’t watch the tv on the wall in our lounge as it’s higher and makes my eyes hurt quickly, but the one in the bedroom is fine.
Hope this phase passes quickly for you. ON is horrid! Xx

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