Coping in new places


Next September my daughter Rose starts school. It’s going to give me many challenges. The school is thirteen miles away and I want to go to parents’ evenings and other open events. I’m going to have to phone up the school to ask about accessibility and go through the tedium of explaining everything, including my separation from her mum.

Whilst I don’t want to go in there all guns blazing, I need to let them know I won’t be fobbed off with superficial plastic excuses. Experience tells me that while I’m explaining on the phone the school secretary will be rolling her eyes. I’m just hoping it won’t end with a taste of rancour but I do have some clout when it comes to schools.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in education and being a new parent it might be worth reading the latest blog. I hope it doesn’t seem too esoteric.

Best wishes, Steve


Hi Steve. Why not ask for an appointment with the Principal and talk about these matters with him /her? Got to be better than filling in the Secretary who probably won’t be remotely interested. Enjoy the new venture with your lovely daughter.


Hi Steve, I’ve no doubt you will attend the ball (well, parents nights, nativity play et al). Great idea of Poppy. It’s a pity the school is so far away but I wonder if you can request that the Head or Deputy Head telephones you?

Also, as you’re clearly a responsible parent, is there any chance (even very slim but worth it for Rose) that you ex will take you there? You could use a manual wheelchair as your powerchair may be too big and heavy for a car/taxi.

Wish ya luck, Chrissie x


Hi, what makes you think you`ll have any problems with the school head?

As a caring parent, surely your views will be met with interest.

If your wife is your daughter`s primary carer, but you both have her best interests at heart, I cant see why you would have any difficulties in attending open days etc. Have you got a good talking about the child relationship with her mother?

I think a call to the school ought to go well.

Sorry Steve, but there`s something about your post that sounds as if you are expecting trouble and I do hope not.


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Hi Steve , I think you will be fine it’s normal to worry when your little one is starting school. The primary schools I’ve known are lovely and I’ve always found the staff to be very good much better than secondary schools. Your nervous because it’s your first time as a parent arnt you ? But all the blogs you’ve written about being a year 6 teacher show that you would have been very approachable and you will find that there are good teachers like yourself. Tell them what you need, being in a wheelchair shouldn’t stand in your way of being a good parent and perhaps you could volunteer for listening to children reading now and again. I think you will love it Steve …It’s a new chapter in yours and Roses life. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

Your blog was a nice read. There’s so much text-speak online these days that it made a nice change to read fully constructed sentences and with better grammar than mine

Sonia x

Thank you for your kind replies.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so on edge. But I’m sure it will be fine; it’s just a new phase and despite my limitations I’ll be a normal, reasonable dad.

Plus, it’ll soon be the start of the new football season. It’s so exciting because I love cricket as well.


Hi Steve

If anyone is going to cope with the school situation…it is going to be YOU, bit of a shame it’s so far away, but you will overcome that I have no doubt. Is it a possibility that you could travel with Rosie’s Mum? But as for the education side, that will be a doddle for you I am sure.

Only one more day and the football is back…thank goodness, I am an avid fan, but sorry I would rather watch paint dry than cricket, way too slow for me!

Take care

Pam x

Pam. I’m watching Everton now in the Europa cup. I love cricket. Ha ha ha. Each to their own. And I’m loaded for September.

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