Cooling insoles?

Hi all after any advice/experience with keeping feet cool? My feet constantly buzz and I manage to ignore it mostly, but if they get hot the buzzing gets much worse. And I find they get hot a lot more easily than before I was diagnosed. So I have started wondering if cooling insoles are likely to be any help. Google brings up a lot, mainly from Amazon and I don’t want to waste money if they are no good. Has anyone tried anything that works to actually keep feet cool?

cooling insoles sound just the job!

i want some! need some!

magicool is a quick fix but not long lasting.

i’m going to google now and if i buy some i’ll let you know if they are any good.

carole x

ordered from amazon £5.99

they had lots of more expensive ones but i’m a cheapskate!

they’ll be here on tuesday!!

my insoles were great.

they stayed cool for almost a full evening.

i’ve put them in the freezer so hopefully i can have cool feet again tomorrow.

carole x

That’s excellent news. I may be trotting off to have a look for some myself now you’ve been the guinea pig Carole. Well done.


they aren’t a miracle cure but it has been so nice to not have feet on fire! i need to stick them back in the freezer for tomorrow. carole x

When I get this I wear silicone massagine gel insoles without socks inside my shoes… works a treat for me.

Great! Thanks for the feedback everyone, time to get myself a last minute stocking filler then!