Converted House South Lincolnshire

After nearly 10 years of coping with MS at home my sister has had go into residential care. Her house has been adapted to suit her needs, there is a lift fitted suitable for a wheel chair, ceiling rails for a sling and a wet room. . Now she has moved all of this I am told is removed and thrown away.

This seems such a waste. Could anyone benefit from these facilities or be interested in the house in it’s current state. Just a thought before I instruct builders. Property is located in Market Deeping South Lincolnshire. Colin Cummings

bumping you up.

it does sound wasteful but if nobody wants the house as it is, suppose it’s better to sell the pieces.

good luck x

What a shame, but your sister has had the benefit and I’m sorry she has had to give up her lovely home.

Maybe someone else will benefit from it or the equipment too.

Love Pollx