Consultant not listening

Hi,I posted on the wrong forum, new to this.

i am in the Durham area and go to a hospital in Newcastle

my consultant wrote on his letter to my doctor, after

seeing me, that I am exaggerating or making up symptoms

i am absolutely devastated by his comments, why on

earth would anybody do that I find it very disrespectful

that he would even think it.

i would be grateful for anyone who has had similar experiences

to give me some feedback. Thanks

tell your gp how upset it has made you.

or email him via his secretary to tell him yourself.

failing that contact PALS where you can make a complaint.

i have never had that done to me.

i’m way too scary!!!

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Hi Fibo

I think you said on your previous post that you’ve been diagnosed for 3 years.

Have you seen your GP to discuss the letter and these comments? It certainly is a horrible thing to read, and to have it sent to your GP as well!

I agree with Carole, getting in touch with PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) would be a good way of dealing with this.

I assume you’d really prefer to get this sorted by seeing a different neurologist in the future, rather than a doctor who thinks you’re exaggerating?

Are there other MS specialists in your area? Maybe PALS would be able to advise you? Or your GP?

Best of luck.


Thanks for the info sue.

i will go back to my docs and get this all sorted out.