Hi gang,

Woke up Monday morning with a very painful and extremely red right eye!

Spent 2 days trying to get a bloody appointment with Boots optician… they don’t even answer the phone!!! … and gave up this afternoon and went to a local small opticians… and glad I did!

Turns out I have conjunctivitis in my eye… and what I didn’t know is there are various types of conjunctivitis. There’s infectious and viral, one caused by a trauma to the eye and an auto immune type which is what I have. So yes, my old pal MS is the culprit.

Have to get eye drops from the GP… the optician has written a letter. Anyway there you go… another damned MS thing… and as with all things MS, it’s made me feel really rotten. That half-dead feeling that you all know so well…

AND what’s interesting is she told me that opticians at Boots and the other high street opticians are not qualified enough to diagnose eye conditions… they would have sent me to Moorfields eye hospital.

You should see my eye. The whole white area is bright red!!! Honestly I look like something out of a horror film!

Hope all are well,

Pat xx

This is what it is:

Pat xx

Oh Pat it sounds horrible, and I had no idea that MS would be the culprit for that.

Hope your eye drops sort it quickly, and you feel better in yourself.

Take care

Pam x

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Hi, Pat, that sounds nasty I hope that you feel better soon.

Michelle x

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Oh Pat, you poor thing, I hope your feeling a touch better by the time you read this?

horrible when your eyes are not right, sending you hugs to get better soon.

Love Polly xxx

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Hope you get to see the GP soon for the drops, perhaps the letter might get you a prescription without having to see the Doctor.

Hope it clears soon Pat, MS eh it just keeps giving.

Jan x

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sorry to hear that Pat, hope you have got the eye drops now,and dont have to wait for them.i didnt know there were 2 types of it,hope it soon gets better.


J x

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Hi Pat, I feel for you, eye conditions really make you feel miserable.

I don’t get conjunctivitis but I get blepheritis ( inflammation of the eyelid) which has similar symptoms to conjuctivitis. When I get it it really brings me down. However I was given a tip a couple of years ago to wash eyelids with a solution of diluted baby shampoo daily and I haven’t had it since. I was getting it every couple of months for a while and it wasn’t pretty.

Once you get the eye drops it should start to work quite quickly.

My one year old grandson is quite poorly at the minute with hand foot and mouth. He has horrible blisters on his body and his excema has gone into overdrive. Poor wee soul is not very comfortable despite his mum slathering on the cream.

Mags xx

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Thanks gang. I’m still waiting for the GP to send the prescription through to the chemist. I find it very odd that opticians can’t write prescriptions themselves.

The eye is looking much better today (will probably be better by the time I get the eye drops!), unfortunately I feel terrible… and unusually for me I have a headache.

Mags, your poor grandson! Awful to go through that and he’s so young! Wishing him a very quick recovery.

Feet up and TV on. Can’t manage anything else today at all.

Dr Dickie is fast asleep on the sofa. I sometimes question his medical credentials…

Love to all,

Pat xx

Very nasty Pat! I’m so sorry. We live and learn, I didn’t know that this wretched disease could cause a type of conjunctivitis.

I do hope you get your drops quickly and I will soon clear up,

Take care of yourself,

Love Nina xx

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Ouch, I really hope it clears up quickly for you.

I remembered only a few months ago, I’d a really bad eye thing that happened over 20 years, it felt like the surface of my eyes had been scraped off… for about 3 days they hurt open or closed. I saw a GP & an optician as I thought it was an infection - nothing wrong apparently, certainly no infection! I’m now wondering if it was a nerve thing, possibly my first relapse?! Who knows…

Sending you calming thoughts, I recall cottons pads soaked in witch hazel on my lids was best for me

Sonia xx

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Hello Pat.

What a thing to have. I always resent the extras. We have enough to put up with. I hope you can recover very soon.

Hugs and good wishes, Steve. ((((((((((((((((x))))))))))))))))))))))

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Pat they blame everything on MS. In growing toe nail, that will be your MS causing it etc etc. Shoes don’t fit MS can’t find your keys… M blooming S. Can’t renew your library card it’ll be the MS.

Still heaven help the people who have nothing to blame everything on, what must their lives be like never having anything to blame all of life’s woes on!

HeHeee he I am feeling bitter and twisted tonight, must be down to the fact I have ME.

Hugs from Margate