Hi All Hope everyone is as well as can be expected. Well I had my first neuro apt today after having an abnormal MRI scan. The scan found 4 white spots in diff places on my brain. With other symptoms I have been having over 3 yrs the gp etc was convinced it was MS which I built my self up to. I got to the neuro today to be told that the spots have been caused by me smoking and that the symptoms I have been having are caused by chronic migrane even though I have never had headaches nausea or sickness. I’m more confused now than I was before please does anyone know what I should do as for 3yrs I have been suffering and I’m still getting nowhere except worse I feel like screaming. Symptoms I have had are: loss of vision, progressive pins and needles all over, slurred speech, balance issues and pain In legs, memory problems, facial weakness, fatigue but them can’t sleep What do I do. Sorry to go on but I’m literally at the end if my teather here Thanks in advance x


You have every right to go back to your gp and ask for a second opinion. Do a bit of research first and see if you can get any positive feedback regarding a decent neurologist.

Good luck x

I agree with Blossom, ask your GP to refer you for a second opinion.

Good luck.

Thank you. I will see my doc on Monday x