hi all. i had my first neuro app a few weeks ago and as soon as i walked in he said he didnt think i had ms. he mentioned a sleep apnea migrains and depression…i really dont think its any of these.these are my symptoms… eye problems blurred vision, double vision,floaters, loss of vision lasting a minute, twitches in left eye, thigh,vagina,toes. pains over most of my body…mainly limbs and head and knee keeps giving way and now on waiting list for an operartion.bladder and bowel incontinence, pins and needles in my head,face,legs,arms,toes etc. electric shocks in my back and through my heel and fingers.chronic pain in jaw radiating down neck.headaches, head spins, realy off balance,whooshing pulsating noise in right ear and loads loads more. i feel drunk or hungover every day. i had letter from neuro which said i had no venous pulsation and borderline full nasal margins…anyone have any idea what this means lol. i had my first mri on tuesday im awaiting the results. i am being sent for a humphreys visual field test or something…again i have no idea what this is for. any one have any advice please. im crying most days in pain and i have 2 disabled boys and im a single parent. thankyou xx

Hi Louise

It sounds like you have a heck of a lot on your plate at the moment, so I’m not surprised you are crying most days.

You do seem to be having an awful lot of symptoms, and many can be found in MS, but you’ve said you had an MRI on Tuesday, so you will know soon enough if anything has shown up to help clarify what’s going on.

Meanwhile, why not go see your GP and see if he/she can help with symptom relief, something for the pain, and to explain what the neuro has said so far?

Take care xx

A psychic neuro…I’d like to meet him. Wait and see what your MRI shows and then maybe discuss with your gp about a referral to another neurologist. Sorry to read about all the problems your having, you really are struggling. Are you getting plenty of support from your gp and other professionals? Humphrey’s visual field test!! its just a machine that plans a map of the back of your eye. Basicly you look at a light which flash’s on and off at different times and places within the machine. you press a button when you think you seen a light flash. It measures how sensitive you eyes are in different areas and how well they respond. I’m sure there’s a more technical way of describing it but thats mine lol, hope this as helped. I send you lots of lovely hugs,

Hi There,

Yours situation is the same as mine, I too have encountered those symptoms and indeed was told there’s nothing wrong, probably stress or psychogentic and am still undiagnosed. From my research this seems to be a very familiar comment made by those proffesionals who do not have answer and for those like me who had essentially normal tests or both. My first MRI Showed High Signal Intensity in various regions of the brain but were non specific, this was marked as a normal MRI. Basically I had white dots all over the brain but they were not indicating anyone thing, and in some instances you can have this via other conditions like high blood presure etc. I am due to have another MRI in October, and am hoping this reveals something as I have been consistently ill for 18 months and am now pretty much house bound. I saw my G.P for the pain and spasm and he had no problem giving me an approriate prescription. I do agree with hunny’s good advice, you need to see your G,p.

I am new here too and have only been registered a couple of days, but I have to say it is a terrific site and there seems loads of advice and freindly people.

Good Luck xx

Hi Louise

I’m sorry you’re having so many problems and no answers. You have been given some good advice above so do go the GP - you don’t need a diagnosis to try and get meds to help, whatever the cuase of your symptoms. Hopefully the MRI will come back with some info to find out the cause of your issues.

The visual fields test is looking at your peripheral vision and exactlky as someone decsribed it’s a series of flashing lights. Nothing invasive so you will be fine.

Good luck

I hope you get some answers soon



hi thanks for the comments. i went to gp and have mr mri results. all looks normal apart from it said an empty sella is noted. neuro and gp told me not to take pain killers and will make my headaches worse. dr wont give me anything til he knows what its for…ie nerve pain etc. so im now frustrated and confused. there is a mention i may have idiopathic intracranial hypertention…but doesnt add up with my other symptoms. also been reffered to sleep apnea clinic although im sure i dont have this. i am going to have to wait til i have visual field test and see what they say. i cant go on like this. i feel so ill. thanks for your time and i hope u are all well xx