Confusing Muscle weakness

Hi. Another new member. My muscle weakness is confusing. I can drive and use various leg weight machines in gym steadily increasing the weight. Trouble is I can barely lift my legs off the floor and if I stand too long I begin to sink to the floor. Cant work out if this is muscle weakness or something else. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

Yes, it’s muscle weakness but could be other conditions as well.

Besides MS, I get chronic back pain partly brought on, I’m sure, by the consequent de-conditioning caused by my MS development and reduced activity. Not long ago I was pretty fit with good, strong abs.

I went to a chiropractor who crunched my lower back, pelvis & hips back into alignment and loosened up previously locked-solid muscles. It has been sore as hell and still a work in progress, but I feel it’s heading in the right direction: I’m able to engage my core a bit again and getting out of the settee without needing to use my arms. Maybe book into a chiropractor yourself?

Most certainly not try some weed instant pain relief and no side effects from man made synthetics

Thanks for that. It must be weakness. Just couldn’t work out how I can lift and push heavy weights on leg machines but when I stand I begin to sink and I can’t lift my legs. I’ll definitely look into a chiropractor as I suffer from very stiff lower back. And yes. I spend more and more time on the sofa. More because I know my legs fail me.

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