Confused, MS or NOT?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me? Im a 21 year old female student who is going through the process of being diagnosed with MS. This all started in September when I had a severe migraine, confusion, all the general symptoms then lost vision in my right eye. After an MRI scan I was told I had MS and should see a neurologist which I did. He then performed a second MRI which he concluded did not show MS but he found it weird how the first one did and I had all the symptoms. Since then Ive had a lumber puncture and I am currently waiting on the results. Has anyone else had an experience like this? and if so, how long did diagnosis take? As I mentioned before I am a student and the severe tiredness (not the normal lazy student kind) is taking over my life, I am always tired no matter how long I have slept for and the headaches and muscle stiffness are quite bad. All I need is a little clarity as my mum seems to think that no news is good news. I just need to know whats happening and if its not MS what it could be?

Rachel X