Confused Emg follow up

Hi have seen neurologist once and have had blood test and chest x-ray. Waited 3 months for Emg/nerve conduction. Now 8 days later have letter to book neurologist appt, have appt on Nov 11th. But have friend who had Emg test 2 weeks before me at same hospitaland hasn’t heard anything yet. Anyone know that if you get to the appointment sooner it means nothings wrong or is it completely random. Any experience of emg’s and wait time for follow up appt would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Selby,

I know it’s hard, but try not to read too much into it. I don’t think the appointment system is an exact science, so it may be complete coincidence that yours has come through, but your friend’s hasn’t. If you’ve not been told what they are, I don’t think you can second guess the results of the test, purely by the date of the appointment. Perhaps your friend has simply been allocated to a different neuro, with a longer queue? They usually have more than one!