by radiologist reporr

Hi, sorry to ask but I have had an private MRI scan whilst waiting for my MS specialist appt. I’ve had two scans previously through my headache disorder neurologist and positive oligoclonal bands from a lumbar puncture in august but I wanted an update as my last scan was in April and I’ve not been too well since August time and this appointment can’t come quick enough. However, the radiologist report has confused me and I wondered if anyone knows what this means please: “Bilateral small areas of increased T2 signal are seen in the supraventricular white matter” – it’s the supraventricular part I’m confused by. Everything else in the report makes sense but this bit has me scratching my head. Thanks so much in advance! Very grateful x

ask your gp for a translation of the neurologist’s report.

with a medical background s/he is more likely to understand it.

why in the world the neuros think we understand all the technical terms is beyond me.

you could ring the neuro’s secretary and ask if the report from the private neuro has been seen by the NHS neuro.