Confused again

Evening all, I’ve found my self here after a pain clinic appointment I know feel back at square one, with them wanting to give me a electrode test. My symptoms started about 3 years ago when I lost sight in one eye for a coiple of days alone with a mega headache, ended up in hospital for 4 days having all tests known to man that all came back clear. So they put it down to migraines. Headaches would come major about once a month and then died down untill last year when I got major lower back ache with a limp, burning pain in arm along with a weird pins and needles feeling, legs felt heavy. I would have shooting pains down legs. Doctors put me on all sorts of meds and I was going swimming and having massages.In end I had a neck and lower back mri which came back clear. Symptoms passed except for sharp pains in hand now and again. In march I started again with the backache, limping, funny feeling in hands burning feeling in armpit. But this time I had bladder problems legs got heavy and weak, im now st the stage doctors dont know ehat to do as I seem to have a couple of good days then my legs go back to shuffle walking knees bent, sometimes I can’t even surport my own weight, I find myself crying cos its now this time gone 6 months and ive had loads of tests again all clear to be told to carry on and we will look again in a couple of weeks, I have a family who need there mom my husband has been great but now needs to go back to work. I have dizzy spells, forget words mid convo, enven placed my own arm under running water instead of kettle,sometimes am wheelchair bound if we want to go out but seem to be getting nowhere, one doctor said it was fibro another says me, and now pain clinic have said its def not fibro and I need to have more tests as it’s neuro, I’m so confused plus they have suggested to my gp to how on pregablin, sorry to have rambled x Thanks x

Do you have brisk reflexes and positive babinski sign - if so there is something wrong with the spinal cord which may not show on MRI.

There was someone on here a few days ago with Functional Disorder who sounds similar to you.

Moyna xxx