what are your symptoms????

My symptoms are muscle pain legs mainly arms too. Muscle twitching legs mainly but all over. Muscle tightness in legs. Ive had these undiagnosed symptomsnon and off for two years. Just wondering what everyone else symptoms are like? I also get eye pain and confusion…

Ooooh where to begin??

weakness in muscles

fatigue generally (struggling to more than a few jobs around house at times)

tightness of myscles

numbness on left arm and leg

eye pain and tiredbess

brain fog

memory short term nearly non existant

struggle to find words when talking

sudden need for bladder release without much warning

think I’ve remembered them all!!!


Pain from left hand all the way up the arm, throughout the shoulder/shoulder blade/collar bone area, up the left side of the neck into the side of the head - ranging from tingly pins and needles through bone deep aching to burning pain so bad you cannot bear for the skin to be touched. Electric shock pain down and up left arm from left side of neck when I ‘look at my feet’ head forward and looking down which triggers sharp stab/scratch/sparks down spine from back of neck to just below bottom edge of shoulder blades.

Brain fog - random ‘jet lag’ drunk/tired moments that rarely last more than an hour.

Fatigue - which, thankfully doesn’t hit too often.

Intermittent generalised buzzing through whole of left side arm, body and leg.

In the process of being investigated, had mri, lumbar puncture, evoked potentials…

Constant symptoms for over 2 years and have always had some of the symptoms (im 31, have a 4yr old son and twin 2yr olds)

Symptoms - that i can remember…!

Headaches, migraines, fatigue, mental fog, slurred speech sometimes (sentences will just trail off…!)

eye pain, eye twitch, blurred vision, metalic darts on and off

Muscle weakness, heavy legs, pins and needles in arms (particularly left), burning hands at night, stiff back/neck

Struggle to empty baladder/bowel

sensitive hearing, tinititis, pain in ears/hearing

tremors, poor balance/coordination - bounce off walls or collapse!

Dizzyness, particularly bending/standing

Swallowing problems sometimes (feels like my throat is shut!)

…its a hoot! Such a frustrating timely process trying to get answers. Ive just asked to transfer neuros as one ive just had didnt want to send me for any tests, instead suggested Pain Management for headaches!! You can imagine what i told him to do with that suggestion! I had to insist he refer me for testing!

Hope this helps!

Warm regards