confused about symptoms

Hi, just signed up to the forum. About 13 years ago I had optic neuritis. I was pregnant at the time so had to wait for brain scans but eventually got the all clear from MS. Over the last month I have had what I thought was a bad tooth ache. I went to the dentist a couple days ago and she did a heap of tests and an x-ray, could not find anything wrong so we decided to re-fill an old filling and see what happens from there. The pain has not changed and I find it comes and goes on both the top and bottom teeth, only on one side of my face. I happened to Google the symptoms and read about Trigeminal Neuralgia. My Optic Neuritis years ago was on the same side of my face as the pain I have now. Just wondering if these two things could be related in any way and if I’d be better off to see a doctor next time rather than going back to my dentist. Thanks in advance!


I think it will be best to see your GP as you have already seen your dentist, have you any more symptoms it would be best if you write down all the symptoms that you have and explain any problems you may have. I wouldn’t say anything about going on the net as they like to diagnose you and may see something that we can’t.

Dr Google is a quack and should be struck off.

On here you can ask any questions you want there will be plenty of people who can answer any or most questions, if you want to look at any web sites go on patients UK or the NHS and of course here there is another one but I can’t remember the name. If you go on the net and put your symptoms in they will frighten the life out of you.

All the best Kay


I totally agree with Kay. See your GP and ask for their opinion. If they think it could be neurological they’ll refer you to a neurologist.

I doubt that it’s relevant that the pain is on the same side as your optic neuritis 13 years ago.

Best of luck.