Concerned about Hernia Mesh operation

Hi everyone

I have been put forward for a minor umbilical hernia repair operation in early December. Nowadays I’m expecting that they will want to insert a mesh repair.

I’d previously been told about an expose on BBC Victoria Derbyshire about mesh operations but I mistakenly thought that men had less problems but another report this week highlighted men with similar complications and side effects. The numbers aren’t currently collated but their research indicated a risk of between 12 & 30% including side effects of loss of mobility and chronic pain.

Well currently, I’m 56yrs old 94kg, 6’ but I have very limited walking with two sticks and an MS hug that gives me chronic pain when I’m awake 24/7/365 so I really don’t need anymore of either.

Luckily, I’m seeing my Neuro the day before so can discuss whether or not I should go ahead.

So can anyone advise, especially other MS ers who’ve had a similar procedure please share your experience

thanks everyone, stay healthy