Surgery and MS

Hello Im tired but ill try to be as um understandable as possible. I had minor surgery on sunday. It was an emergency becauae I had an ectopic pregnancy that made me bleed inside. I recovered quite well bit all of a sudden yesterday I jusy felt soo unwell. Like weak and tired and eye twiching and walkvslower than a snail (before ot was slower than grandma) made me think How does MS affect recovery and how does surgery affect MS

You have been through quite a lot yes your MS will be effected but take it easy and make your priority to look after yourself, hopefully if you do this you should return to post op.

take care


Bless you ! I find it so hard admitting I’m not well. I’ll say I’ve had surgery or I may have ms but I have to gather a lot of courage to say I’m not ok. Xx