Hello everyone, hope your all doing well.

I am looking for some advice. I am considering elective surgery to repair my abdominal wall after 2 pregnancies have left my stomach muscles torn apart. Basically I look 7 months pregnant as my stomach muscles have split and everything is pushing forwards. So, in order to not look pregnant for the rest of my life I can have it surgically fixed.

So I saw a surgeon today and we went over all the risks and one of them is a risk or relapse after the surgery. How very annoying this b***dy disease is! Have any of you had an anaesthetic/surgery and suffered with your MS afterwards? If anyone has any stories/experiences they could share to give me an insight that would be great.

Have a lovely weekend

lisa x

Hello Lisa,

I had surgery a couple of years ago on my abdomen and I have to say everything went fine. I didn’t suffer a relapse afterwards for which I was very grateful!

I wish you well for your surgery.

Sam x

Glad to hear your surgery went smooth. Did they tell you there was a risk of relapse?

Wasn’t told there was a risk and have been knocked out many times with no problems then or after, was told of the surgery risks, but nothing to do with the MS.

The Surgeon felt that I may be at risk of a relapse but he was more concerned about my thyroid and anaesthetic. When I spoke with my Nurse she said that surgeons always worry about MS and it was unnecessary.

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