Surgery cancelled, help needed

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a PPMS and had no real major problems until I fell off my stairlift.

For two years, I went to see orthopaedics, and they kept telling me that my deterioration was due to my ms. It turns out I have a pelvic tilt and scoliosis.

Now my surgery has been cancelled due to them, thinking it would make my MS worse. I’m currently bedbound and can’t see how this would make my MS worse.

Just wanted to know if there was anyone out there with a similar situation. Surely they can’t leave me this way For life, when putting my pelvis in place and straightening my spine would help me.

Any advice would be great

Hi @Huri
I’ve been waiting for thyroidectomy elective surgery a year now: I know graves’ (another autoimmune disorder) is not directly linked to MS, it’s more like just an offshoot.
The way things are with the NHS at the moment, it’s just very difficult, it’s not their fault.
Hope you get your surgery sorted out soon, best regards.